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Liberal Democrats throw Hispanics under the bus

Why would Hispanics want to stay in bed with liberal Democrats who obviously have no qualms about unleashing all their firepower on them as being racist hate mongers?

By Hunter Falcon, Asheville- One evening in February of last year, an Hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer noticed someone slowly walking behind townhome units in his vandalism-plagued neighborhood and called local police.   After trying to find the house number where he last saw the suspicious person, he was headed back to his vehicle when he was savagely attacked, beaten and told, “you will die tonight.”  Appropriately, he pulled a firearm which he was licensed to carry, and protected  himself from a severe beating or death by firing one shot while the attacker was on top of him. The police investigated and properly determined this was a clear case of self-defense and that no charges were indicated.  

Enter the usual race mongers and America’s corrupt leftwing lame street press.  Florida’s governor, fearing racial violence from outsiders,  bowed under to their demands by offloading  the incident  to state prosecutor Angela Corey  in Jacksonville, FL. who brought charges of second degree murder, and later manslaughter, against the surviving neighborhood watch volunteer while denying him a  hearing before a grand jury.  He spent a year and 4 months in state custody.  The Sanford police chief was fired and the chief investigator demoted as the state government  bowed to race mongers who had no facts about the case. In addition, State prosecutors withheld evidence during discovery which violated the law as they pursued a malicious prosecution against an Hispanic man. To top it off, the prosecutor who blew the whistle on the state’s failure to release evidence to the defense was fired by Ms. Cory.

Question:  Why is it that dozens of young blacks are gunned down every day by other blacks in Chicago and other metro cities but few are charged nor is there any media attention?  Why is it that black on white or Hispanic crime does not evoke outrage by the white or Hispanic communities?  Answer: racism has become a self-perpetuating obsession and delusion in the minds of many in spite of these current realities;  moreover, the leftwing liberal media is all too happy to perpetuate such delusions no matter  what the facts and evidence show,  while ignoring the much greater problem of murders plaguing  black communities in cities such as Chicago. The race mongers of the liberal democratic party and the media race baiters love the narrative of a racist ‘white’ man killing a black man. They love it just as much when it is an Hispanic man, but they try to disguise it by re-naming him a “white Hispanic,” whatever that is. Doesn’t matter. He’s Hispanic.

The Real Question: what kind of friend do the Hispanics think they have in the liberal democratic party? Answer: none. This is the party with its strong black racist membership that was more than willing to throw a young Hispanic under the bus with all the power at their disposal, without a second thought.

The President himself showed he was no friend of Hispanics in this case, as he immediately took sides and worked to fan racist fires. Obama made huge news when he stepped before the cameras, demanded action in the Zimmerman case, and famously said, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

An American president had blasted the Zimmerman case into the nation’s top story and did so based on a racial narrative without a shred of evidence to support it.

Even now that the jury has spoken, the racist black NAACP has requested that radical leftwing lawyers of the civil rights division of the DOIJ file federal civil rights charges against the Hispanic Mr. Zimmerman. In response, Attorney General Eric Holder is climbing all over the case while putting the Hispanic Zimmerman at the bottom of the bucket. The liberals continue to assault the young Hispanic.

Why would Hispanics want to stay in bed with liberal Democrats who obviously have no qualms about unleashing all their firepower on them as being racist hate mongers? It is ludicrous for them to pretend they are friends.

The door has been opened wide for the Republicans to call the hand of the Democrats and for the Hispanics to take a hard look at the bill of goods that has been sold them. These liberal democrats wanted to see Zimmerman hang. Period. Just like a true lynching.






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