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The ultimate bug-out vehicle


By Kevin King –

Across America there has been an awakened awareness that times may change. Television shows like Doomsday Preppers, Falling Skies and The Walking Dead have skyrocketed in ratings. The trend seems to be, Americans are more and more asking themselves, “If the world ends, what would I do?” This is something that hasn’t been prevalent in this country since the Cold War, but it has made a resurgence.

If you fit into this group of millions of Americans, the Asheville Tea Party has something just for you. Named the ultimate bug-out vehicle, their 1963 deuce-and-a-half is a survivalist’s dream. In 1989, the engine was converted to multi-fuel compatibility and will run on diesel, kerosene, gasoline, home heating oil, lantern fuel, bio-diesel, used motor oil, cooking oil, or alcohol. When the world ends, fuel won’t be a big problem with this ride.

It won’t get away in a hurry, with a 50 MPH top speed, but its payload capabilities make up for that. The side rails drop down to carry 20 men in the back. The drivetrain also has eight wheels, which work as all-wheel-drive under large loads.

The vehicle itself is impressive, but perhaps its goody bag is even more so. This package comes complete with Camping gear, canteens, cook stoves, 3 cases of MREs, 5 gal fuel can, pick-axe and shovel, emergency radio, 55 gallon water storage barrel, 2 five gallon water bags, first aid kit, and believe it or not, more.

What about your safety during the apocalypse? There’s a custom AR-15 with all the accessories from Randy’s Guns, Henry Survival .22 rifle from Capitol Pawn, and a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun from GreyHawk Armory.

The vehicle was restored with the truck sand-blasted, repaired body, put on 2 coats of primer and topped with 3 coats of military green paint. New HumVee seats were installed, and there was a complete mechanical service.

The Asheville Tea Party is raffling all of this off in one complete package for just $20 per ticket. Tickets and more information can be found online at or at one of their many ticket locations. There’s even a YouTube video.

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