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Willing to despicably exploit our nine-year-old fourth graders


By Bill O’Connor –

Today is day 13 of waiting for the timely response to our request for all county fourth and fifth grade English tests. The book on whether Jones and gang are holding out for the end of the school term is now 2-11 on stalling, 1-4 on politically motivated, out of ink is 30-1, and we- just-forgot is the long shot at 200-1. This storm is going to be around for a while so waiting it out in the bunkers is going to get uncomfortable.

I was watching the news early one morning this week and saw a member of the United Auto Workers (UAW) speaking about how the unions, who were four-square behind him, now oppose Obama’s signature “achievement,” Obama-doesn’t-care. He is employed and paid by the Ford Motor Company but he said he worked for the UAW; entirely typical for the world of unions. We don’t know if Mr. Kinsey at Glen C. Marlow Elementary is a member of the National Education Association (NEA), the national teachers union, styled here in North Carolina as the NCAE, but his willingness to despicably exploit our nine year fourth graders for union purposes makes the issue of his membership irrelevant.

If you review last week’s paper or online at where we show a photo of the first page of Mr. Kinsey’s test/quiz, notice how professionally it was produced with a nice border. Of course anyone can do this now with the simple tools available. The Henderson County Public Schools (HCPS) says the test paragraph was simply the editorial from the May 5th Fatz Café newsletter. But it clearly is not and looks like it is from just the same source that the Fatz Café newsletter likely used; NEA talking points on Gov. McCrory’s attempt at sensible cost control. In the version used in Mr. Kinsey’s class, the call for lobbying the governor and the numbers on the proposed spending reduction on this so-called test are in bold letters so you don’t miss the real message, Mr. Kinsey’s or whomever. Shameless really isn’t nearly strong enough.

Actually I doubt it’s just the work of Mr. Kinsey. It is possible, but more likely that HCPS staff produced this propaganda sheet as a fourth grade test, system wide; and even more likely that this was done by the North Carolina NEA and distributed all over the state. If anyone from Buncombe or surrounding counties has a fourth or fifth grader who got this or a similar test we would like to hear from them.

This incident at Glen C. Marlow is just an example of the willingness of HCPS to propagandize and indoctrinate our children rather than teach them; it demonstrates the fact that Superintendent Jones’s administration has no bottom to the depths it will stoop to, to apply political pressure on local and state politicians for ever more of your taxes rather than teach a little, instruct just a small amount, and lovingly guide rather than shamelessly use our children. Is it any wonder that anyone who cares about their children, and can, gets their kids out of government run schools? The rest who are stuck with state controlled schooling have to hope for the best and count on the natural resiliency of children. And where is the Board of Public Education (BOPE) in all this? You know, the gang you elected to oversee the HCPS teaching and spending? Where indeed?

At the May BOPE meeting, “Chairperson” Bazzle, long-time, Board and union member Corn were joined by members Holt and Edwards for (if you ever attended a bowling league banquet with trophies for at least half the members you would recognize) May’s helicopter drop of recognition certificates. As always it was shame that, some truly remarkable achievements by some students were lost in a sea of the routine and ordinary things given to current, or soon to be, voters that should have been recognized within individual schools; but of course their parents also vote.

I failed to recognize earlier the very unusual event that occurred at that HCPS/BOPE tax consumers budget hootenanny and picnic. While six BOPE members did everything except pass out pom-poms and noisemakers to cheer for a 10% increase over last year’s spending, new member Josh Houston questioned the lack of detail and open discussion of the budget and VOTED AGAINST IT, apparently for those reasons. It was the first time in anyone’s memory that any BOPEer had voted against an HCPS budget, and judging by the drawn-up reaction of chief Bazzle and the five little (not so) braves, Houston should watch his back; while voting taxpayers should make a note. Next year Holt, Edwards, and Vice Chair-perdaughter Maurer have to decide whether to face the voters.

If your child is in Mr. Kinsey’s class or has been subjected to testing similar to that reportedly of Mr. Kinsey’s fourth grade at Glen C. Marlow and you have concerns contact me with complete confidence in our respect for your privacy at: or

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