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Revolutionary republicans


By Kevin King-
Managing Editor

Today’s political culture is a mess. Ideologies and beliefs are founded on whims instead of firmly in principles. Politicians use circumstance and opportunity to advance their agenda. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is ever shrinking, and America’s future as a free nation seems bleak, regarding freedom anyway.

Democrats, progressives, liberals, or whatever nomenclature they prefer at the moment are achieving their goals. Bigger government is here, and here to stay. The nanny state isn’t just a fear of those like McCarthy, it’s a reality. The news is full of stories of government abuse. Whether it be the subpoena of press phone records or the selective targeting of groups by the IRS, there’s one underlying theme: big government. However, this isn’t really news. With more government comes more problems, which then must be remedied by more government, eventually leading to a complete government collapse and the ushering in communism. If you’re unsure of this, read Marx.

The left is established. It is what it is, and that is very well known. What is questionable though is the agenda of those on the ‘right’ side of the aisle. If the Democratic Party is for bigger government, what exactly is the Republican Party for?

Just as a brief history, republican government comes from the latin res publica meaning, a public matter. What that means, is that the government is owned by the people, not a ruling class or monarch. Further, this government is of the people, not in itself the power.

That being said, many in the Republican Party are not purveyors of republican government. From this point forward, those who honor a republican form of government will be identified as republicans, while those advancing more power away from the people will be known as Republicans. Just so there is no confusion.

Republicans run on values. They run against big government. They run against the nanny state. They run against taxes. They run on free markets. They run on freedom. They get elected.

Once elected however, those who elected them soon find displeasure. It turns out that their platform is conditional. They suddenly support legislation that doesn’t uphold values. They increase government when it’s in their favor. They grow the nanny state when it fits their plan. They increase taxes because cutting government is politically dangerous. They support incentives instead of supporting free markets. They choose moderate tyranny in the name of safety.

These Republicans are then confused to find the displeasure of their constituents. They write many of their critics off as extremists. They tell their supporters that they just don’t understand how ingrained big government is in today’s society. They have worked to make government less large, to an extent, and that’s just the way it is.

What they fail to see is that republicans, base their political views on unfailing principles. They believe that the Constitution is the law of the land, to be followed to a ‘t’. Freedom is universal, not subjective and fleeting. Free markets work, without the government’s visible hand. Values found communities and resonate from the lowest levels. No worry of reelection or popularity affects these principled patriots.

These lower case republicans are truly revolutionary thinkers in the most literal sense. They are the brethren of those who fought tyranny and died to make America the greatest nation ever. Unwavering patriotism and love of freedom pulses through their veins. No amount of money or power will make them kowtow to a larger form of government that violates their God-given rights. They see that the status quo is not only unacceptable, but must be uprooted and renewed to restore America to greatness.

Republicans may not think they fancy government in the same way as progressives and statist do, because they don’t see government as the end-all be-all. However, they use government to their advantage and when it’s politically expedient, which is as an egregious offense against the American people. Republicans cannot call themselves supporters of republicanism, because as mentioned above, they put the power of government above the power of the people.

Republicans should not be surprised then to find their actions called out by republicans. America cannot continue to sustain itself by increasing the power of the government, removing the freedoms of its people, and playing God with the free markets. Ultimately a revolution will occur, whether peacefully through the election of true republicans, or via the collapse of an unsustainable voyage towards socialism. The republicans will be remembered as standing on the side of freedom, where will the Republicans stand?

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