Why kill education in North Carolina?


By Steve Carlisle –

The simple answer is because it means somebody will make money, lots of money, when the State stops funding education in North Carolina.

Public education must be made so expensive and so ineffective that the public will only be able to afford the education offered at Charter schools or an on-line education for those that want a higher degree. Of course, the rich will still be able to attend whatever college or university they wish because they’ll have the money for a degree earned the old fashion way.

Those on-line universities don’t have buildings to heat and cool, they don’t even have much more than an administration building, they don’t have sports teams and they hire their professors with the companies own standards of excellence. They don’t have any real oversight other than their shareholders which is what the State loves. Jobs not Standards of Excellence or Next Generation Educational Goals just profits for the shareholders.

If our Federal Government had any control over what is good for All the People then there is one party that wants to privatize it. People who are rich can afford one kind of education from when they enter kindergarten through degree seeking colleges and then there will be the poor people who have to take whatever the State gives them in the form of a voucher to secure a place in a school that might not have the resources that a Charter School has. The rich get one level of education for their children while the poor get another. The new American Way for one party.

Education is a national security issue. It is the glue that holds this vast nation together. If every county was able to teach whatever they wanted in their schools, whatever history they wanted, whatever subjects they wanted then how does that give all of us a common uniting characteristic? You think the political powers in Mississippi will teach the same history as what they’ll teach in New York?

Shouldn’t we have a standard of excellence all the way across the board? Shouldn’t we be trying to make all schools for all students the best that they can possibly be? Do you really see a bright future in separating our culture into the rich and the poor? Enslaving and victimizing the poor is how the rich want to live?

The General Assembly down in Raleigh cuts, cuts, cuts state funding for schools meaning the universities or colleges or the County Commissioners have to raise money to keep their schools going. So the GA can say “we’re cutting the bloated budgets of these schools and then these schools go around us by raising the tuition or your property taxes on the public. It’s not us that are doing that to you its education.” So this angers the public to think negatively about those in education and pushes them toward the Charter schools and on-line universities which is what this party wants the public to do anyway. It’s good for their stock holders.

You see Education is one of those Socialist Programs that is good for all the people and all the people pool together and pay for it through their taxes and that’s why it has to be destroyed and privatized so the rich don’t have to pay any more in taxes for the benefit of the nation. Remember from 2009-2011 the richest 7% saw their wealth increase by 28% while the remaining 93% of us saw ours decrease by 4%. So all these cuts, cuts, cuts helped who?

Well if you don’t like this then you might say “well these fellas need to be voted out of office next time around.” Well good luck with that because they’ve gerrymandered all the districts and their adding more and more restrictions to voting. They have to make it hard for minorities, the elderly and students and the parents of students so they can keep doing this. This isn’t the American way that I see where we make our choices in the voting booth after a healthy spirited debate. Take that away, work to take it away and I don’t see you as a real American. I see you as a threat to our American way of life.

Education taught anyway you want can change the truth of the founding of this country. Caesar knew this when he destroyed the Great Library of Alexandria. If you want to build a new World History you must first start with destroying the Old World History. Education is filled with teaching, research, new ideas and new theories that can be debated and tested daily. Take that away and you benefit America how? By making the rich richer? Really?

There are a group of people down in Raleigh that are out to destroy Education for the vast majority of people in North Carolina and to benefit only the rich. A low educational level for the masses means North Carolina can attract low paying jobs which benefits the rich who can manipulate the workers who run their low wage high profit businesses. (Do a little research on who Art Pope is and how he made his money and what political position he holds in Raleigh.)

Now if you agree that everything that the Federal Government does needs to be on a voucher system like Medicare, Social Security, Education, Energy then maybe we should reinstitute the Draft, or is that too just a part of using a certain economic group to fill the ranks? When did it change from the benefit of all the people to a benefit for just a few of the people?

Somehow the people in Raleigh like to see the working men and women of North Carolina undeserving of having their children educated in just as good a school as a rich kid could afford. The best education possible should be for all our children regardless of their wealth, the color of their skin or any handicap they might have. We’re either equal or we’re not. All our children matter or it’s the purse of the parents that count.

The rich own our politicians and those politicians are doing exactly what they’ve been paid to do. Their doing their job.

Raleigh is pushing us apart and calling that progress in the right direction.

I call it stupid.

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