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The media is pro-choice


By Kevin King –
Managing Editor

It seems that the mainstream media is exercising its right to choose again. That is, the right to choose what news to cover and which to ignore. However, unlike some trivial matters, this time the media is choosing to ignore the trial of what could be the biggest serial killer ever.

Many of you may be familiar with this trial because of alternative media solutions, but many however are unaware of the disturbing picture that has been painted in a Philadelphia courthouse. A man by the name of Kermit Gosnell is being tried for seven cases of murder, of babies born alive at his abortion clinic. That is just the tip of the iceberg though. Here is what testimony has revealed during the trial:

  • A former employee, Massof, who has confessed to murder of two newborns, testified to witnessing an abortion at 26 weeks, two weeks beyond the legal statute.
  • Massof also claims seeing about 100 babies born alive, only to be killed by scissors, snipped in the back of their neck. “It is literally a beheading. It is separating the head from the body.”
  • Massof told of horrible conditions of rusty equipment. He also told of manipulated ultrasound equipment that made fetuses look small to encourage abortions.
  • Gosnell, as discovered by Philadelphia police, kept baby body parts in the freezer of the office.
  • Feet of babies were kept in jars around the office.
  • When a baby was born alive, a witness has testified that Gosnell replied, “It’s the baby’s reflexes. It’s not really moving.”
  • A Grand Jury report cites cats in the facility complete with urine and feces.

These are only some of the horrors reported. In fact, these were the only ones tame enough to print without labeling this as graphic. Along with the digital version of this editorial The Tribune Papers will include a video of the trial including photos and more trial testimony. (http://www.glennbeck.com/2013/04/15/watch-kermit-gosnells-house-of-horrors/)

Why would the media be ignoring this? This might be the biggest story of recent times, perhaps ever. A doctor killing live babies, killing patients by drug-overdose, and remnants of children kept in freezers and jars. If any story has ever been front-page news, it is this one.

So why isn’t it on every news station nightly? Why isn’t it the lead on every paper in America? That answer is simple, it carries with it a dangerous topic: abortion. Currently it is legal to abort a child up until 24 weeks. This trial talks about babies born at 25 weeks and their spinal cords cut to kill them. If the nation saw the horror of a 25 week baby murdered, wouldn’t it make them question why it’s ok to do it just a week earlier?

You see, it’s dangerous for the media and progressives to ceded that any life before birth is in fact life. Furthermore, it is dangerous to bring up that one amount of time makes it a real live baby, and another doesn’t. 25 weeks could become 20, and then 10. The key to keeping abortion alive in America is to never give an actual definition of life. A baby born alive and then aborted by its doctor can’t be news, because that might mean that aborting a live baby is wrong. It will bring up too many questions that can’t be answered with the phrase “rape and incest.”

Instead of covering this story, and allowing the American people to see the photos of this horror, they keep their agenda alive. America is no longer a country that encourages and celebrates life, it sees life as a choice, a collective of tissue. For Americans to question abortion would be a dangerous thing for the media to start, so it won’t.

A society that no longer celebrates the birth of its new citizens and brethren is bound to fall. As “collective tissue” cries out in a toilet (true testimony from the trial), American turns a silent ear. This is surely a sad day in American history. History that won’t be reported because the media is pro-choice.

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