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Rudy’s Furniture settles into new location


By James Matthews –

Rudy’s Furniture Warehouse reopened on April 1, after moving to a new location near Sweeten Creek Road.

“Awesome, it’s incredible. You can see the furniture better,” says store owner, Sharon Pelle, also noting that the lighting is better for showcasing her goods. The warehouse provides shoppers with a wide range of styles and manufacturers at affordable prices.

“It’s all upscale furniture,” Pelle explained. “We get it a lot of different ways. They’re less than retail pricing. We get them from show rooms, overruns, however we can get it for less. Some of our products have been out on photo shoots for the manufacturer, then they can’t sell it. However we can get it less, than what you can buy at a regular retail store.” She added, “It’s always cutting edge designer stuff. That’s why I always like getting the showroom stuff, because it’s the new things they’re showing for the year. Its all the latest trends.”

Another draw, aside from the pricing, is the uniqueness of the pieces. “Some things are one-of-a-kind pieces because they’re samples. They either did go into production or they cost too much to build or they were a prototype.” By selling prototypes, consumers are sure to find something truly different.

Rudy’s has been in business for nearly 20 years, according to Pelle.

Rudy’s Wholesale Furniture Warehouse is located at 1100 West Chapel Road in Asheville. For more information, call them at 828.277.1121.

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