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We may just have a real citizen in Congress


By Bill O’Connor –

First term 11thDirtrict Congressman, Mark Meadows was the Keynoter at the 2013 Henderson County GOP Convention last Saturday at the Chariot Meeting Center on Church Street.. He announced that he would address himself to “Ninety Minute Delays”, “Standing Orders”, and “Dirty Socks”.

Ninety Minute Delays He related a session with the FAA Chief testifying before one of his committees about the delays threatened due to sequester. Mark asks him how he came with 90 minute delays as the effect of sequester on air travel. FAA answers: well we took an over-arching view of the whole situation. Mark asks: No, I mean the data: what statistically did you consider that lead to 90 minutes. FAA: it was the over-arching totality. Mark says: that’s not data. Just give me one number that sort of guided you to 90 minutes as the expected delay. FAA: looking at the air traffic system over-archingly—. Mark interrupts: Maybe the number was 1600? In other words the Whitehouse told you – 90 minutes; Mr. Chairman, I yield back the balance of my time.

Standing Orders Rand Paul – stood up for the Constitution when the President dared to claim the right to kill Americans in America on his judgment alone. But he says he is not a dictator and Barry is an honorable man. A.G. Holder was asked by Paul if he thought that Obawan had that authority, and Holder, speaking as the Presidents Spokesman said: “only under certain conditions and situations”. And Barry is an honorable man. During the filibuster, Mark and few others from the house went over to stand off camera and show support by standing, but they brought chairs in asked them to sit. Rand Paul is a stand up guy.

Dirty Socks Seventy or so percent infections treated in hospitals are contracted during that stay in the hospital, and some of these are deadly to patients and staff. And, in Israel’s as in other countries, soldier’s feet are a constant source of trouble. A few years ago a researcher was asked if he might figure out how to make socks somehow reduce the incidence of foot problems. He came up with a way to integrate a foot-harmless bactericide into the cellular structure of the sock fibers so that it doesn’t wash away. Soon sheets, scrubs, gowns, doctor’s coats, and every woven fiber used in hospitals will use the Israeli sock technology.

Eighteen is the number of district offices Meadows recently announced; one in every county and in Qualla Boundary in Cherokee. That is commitment to constituent service, and that is smart. We may just have ourselves a real citizen in Congress. The rest of his talk was pretty much routine.

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