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Bringing fine dining to your kitchen


By James Matthews –

Dough, new small grocery and cafe recently opened in Asheville. The brain-child of Chef Brian Ross, the business brings quality and comfort at an affordable price.

Ross’ career and education has provided him with a great deal of experience that he is more than willing to share. According to Dough’s website, Ross has cooked at the Lodge at Sedona, the Richmond Hill Inn and was the Executive Chef for the Inn on Biltmore.

“Being in the food business, it’s ‘a tough racket,’ and this was chance for me to create the business I wanted within the food business,” Ross explained. “It doesn’t have to be the grind of a restaurant that’s open ‘til midnight. Whatever hour it’s open ‘til, you got to clean up and close and all that.” Instead, Ross created a much more relaxed atmosphere. “Also I have to say the style food that we’re doing here is the kind I like to do. More approachable, homey kind stuff.” The cafe, creates daily specials, offering sandwiches and various home cooked meals. “Even in this setting, I’m thinking about stuff we made today, macaroni and cheese and meatloaf and stuff, there’s a quality and a care and a focus on the way it’s made, that anybody at any level can appreciate.” Ross stated, “me, personally that’s what I like to cook and what I like to eat. I have two small children,” adding, “so I cook more down to earth kind of things for them.”

Former Head Culinary Arts instructor at L’Academie de Cuisine in Washington, DC, Ross also had a dictated classroom built. “There are no dedicated regular cooking classes in Asheville for the regular people,” noting that there are more technical courses available and some restaurants offer classes. “I thought, ‘you know, that’s what I could totally bring here.” With a fully equipped teaching kitchen, Ross describes it as, “nothing intimidating. It’s like what you have at home. It’s very nice equipment, but you can have it at home. It’s not some crazy professional kitchen that you can walk into with all the firepower.” Instead, he chose higher end consumer grade equipment, similar to what many would find at home. “I’m not trying to educate people like I have this mission to do that per say, but I’d like people to come through here and actually learn something and they have fun doing it and it really give them something that they can use again and again in the kitchen.” He added, “It’s for fun for me. It’s fun and there’s a need for everyone out there that’s what to learn how to do something.”

Dough is located at 372 Merrimon Ave in Asheville. For more information call 828.575.9444.

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