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A taste of New York, Favilla’s ‘love at first bite’


By James Matthews –

Andy Favilla knows pizza. “I’ve been in pizza my whole life. The youngest out of seven, all my brothers and sisters were born in Italy, I’m the only American. We had a pizzeria right down the street growing up, and I’ve been in there every day since.” Needless to say, his specialty is true, New York pizza.

Two years ago, after moving his family to Asheville, he opened Favilla’s Pizza. Business is good. Favilla notes that the word of mouth traffic is numerous, with lines of customers stretching out the door. “We call it love at first bite. They get a little slice and that’s it. It’s on after that,” he says.

Taking a particular focus on quality, Favilla stated “I recommend, if people want to try a really good, New York, authentic slice of pizza, this is it. Everything here is homemade, we have pasta, eggplant, chicken, meatballs, all made on premises.”He added, emphatically, “Nothing out of a box, nothing frozen.”

Even despite the difficult economic climate, the shop is thriving enough for the store to expanding, adding a dining room. Favilla’s goals at the moment are simple. “Right now, just build this [dining room] up. Get it where we want it to be, and whatever the future brings, we’re ready for it.” Work is ongoing, but Favilla expects to have the dining room finished soon. “When I expand, I’ll be able to do a lot more.”

Favilla’s New York Pizza is located at 1093 Patton Ave, between Tastee Freeze and Ingles. For more information, call 828.225.3032.

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