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Some mighty big silver linings

By Robert Danos –

Along with 63% of the voters in Henderson County, I voted to replace the President, but I urge fellow conservatives not to miss the forest for the trees by focusing solely on that loss.While I am aware of the further harm that the President can cause with four more years, I am much more encouraged by our major achievements on the rest of the ballot and the fact that the conservative vote in our county has never been more dominant.The Republican Party’s on the ground efforts this year in partnership with numerous grassroots groups were some of the best ever and it showed in the results on all parts of the ballot.

Consider the following and take heart by what Henderson County has helped achieve:

We did turn North Carolina “red” again after Obama’s surprise 2008 14,000 vote win here and all of you who volunteered, donated, made calls, put out signs, wrote letters, knocked on doors, etc… made that happen. I think that our efforts will make the Democrats think long and hard about trying to make this a “swing state” again in 2016 after all of the money and time they spent here, including hosting their convention in Charlotte, only to come up 3% short.

We ended 20 years of Democratic rule in Raleigh with the election of Pat McCrory as Governor and Dan Forest as Lt. Governor. This will be the first time since the 1800’s that we have controlled the Governor’s Mansion, the Legislature, and the NC Supreme Court!

I believe that McCrory and Forest will deliver on some great changes here in our state in areas such as education reform, tax reform, budget reform, election law improvements, and more.The best reforms in the nation have occurred in states such as WI, IN, and OH and it is time for NC to join the ranks of states who have grown tired of waiting for Washington to provide needed change. We need to be ready to support them and encourage them to go bold with this mandate.

Lt. Governor-elect Forest won statewide by only 11,370 votes! His margin of victory in Henderson County was 14,000 votes –that is what you can clearly call making a difference.

Our own Sen. Tom Apodaca will be returning to Raleigh in his key leadership position (and with even larger its majorities in both the House and Senate) and he will now find a hand in partnership in the Governor’s Mansion instead of a veto pen.

With Congressman-elect Mark Meadows we will be represented by a strong conservative after years of having a Representative who did not reflect the will of Henderson County.Meadows will add strength that we will need more than ever in the US House and Henderson County went for Mark with over 63% of the vote.

In the race for the seat on the NC Supreme Court, it is impossible to overstate the success and importance of our efforts to keep the balance there in conservative hands.We made this race, along with the three NC Appeals Court races, a key part of our outreach plan and it showed.

Justice Paul Newby was re-elected against very long odds against Sam Ervin IV, who the Democrats considered a slam dunk based on name recognition alone. Our side had to outwork them big time and we did. Newby won with only a 130,000 vote margin – and almost 10,000 of that margin came from little Henderson County.

On issues such as Voter I.D., school choice, annexation reform, and tort reform, just to name a few, that one race will have more positive impact for much longer than most others yesterday.

We only won one of the three statewide Appeals Court races, but our goal of unseating three incumbents at once was always a tough hill to climb. In the one that we did win, however, Henderson gave Judge-elect Chris Dillon a full 12,000 of the votes in his 180,000 vote victory.

Our combined efforts were also very successful in promoting our other “down ballot” candidates that many voters often know very little about because the national races take up most of the available press attention.With our expanded “boots on the ground” outreach program we were able to expand the vote margins for candidates at every level of the ballot.

Be ready to support Senator Burr and Congressman-elect Meadows both on items in which working with with the President is prudent and when they will often have to stand firm against him.

But take time also to take pride in the growing impact the conservative vote of Henderson County had in the county, district and state. Despite the bruises of the White House race, it is a growing impact and we need all conservatives to help us continue that path in just two short years.

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