Mike Scruggs

The case against Barack Obama

By Mike Scruggs –

If you have been following the candidates and issues in this election, you already know that this is no ordinary political contest. Never before have America’s founding principles and values been more aggressively threatened by an incumbent president and his party. Virtually everything Americans have believed in, worked for, prayed for, and fought for during the last 250 years is being degraded or swept aside by Barack Obama and a radicalized Democrat Party.

Our Constitution and unalienable rights are being ignored and crushed by swelling bureaucratic government. Our economy is being shackled by job-killing over-regulation and high tax rates. Inflationary government spending and deficits are threatening the value of our income, savings, and retirement security. More than 22 million Americans who want a full-time job cannot find one. Half of new college graduates cannot find a good job. The defensive and fighting capability of our Armed Forces is being weakened by bureaucratic incompetence and thoughtless social experimentation. Obama’s naive and inept foreign policy has jeopardized our national security and the freedom and security of our allies, while encouraging arrogance and aggression by our enemies.

Moreover, Obama’s foreign policy appears to be more egregious than mere naivety and ineptitude. Anyone looking the facts in the face regarding Obama’s foreign policy must tremble at a possibility that demands inquiry. Is he really on our side? During the first twelve days following the murder of four American diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, Obama continuously attributed the attacks to an amateur video critical of Islam. The talking point being pushed by him was that criticism of Islam was a violation of socially and morally acceptable behavior, which could understandably increase the possibility of violent reaction by Muslims around the world. On the surface, he condemned the violence, but beneath the surface and more continuously, he was paving the way for classifying criticism of Islam as a hate crime.

In fact, last December, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was working with an alliance of 56 predominantly Muslim nations in the U. N. to facilitate making criticism of Islam a hate crime in Europe, the United States, and other Western counties. That would effectively make the statement of many cardinal Christian doctrines and much of Scripture hate speech.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R, SC) believes that Obama’s concentration on the video as a cause of the violence was an attempt to deflect attention from the instability being caused by Obama foreign policy. Graham’s point only scratches the surface. As we see time after time, but with minimal media coverage or analysis, many of Obama’s actions, including the video issue hype, are directed toward marginalizing the influence of any Biblical form of Christian faith, practice, and speech. Last Christmas, the Obama Administration even tried to ban Bibles at Walter Reed Military Hospital where many wounded soldiers receive intensive rehabilitation care. The Administration rationale was that Bibles might offend non-Christian patients and families. This outrage was only stopped by a scathing condemnation of the ban in Congress by Rep. Steve King (R, IA). Under Barack Obama, our religious traditions and highest moral principles are being marginalized and suppressed with little thought of the social and providential consequences.

The Benghazi incident is not alone in raising the question of whether Barack Obama is really on the side of the United States and the American people. In March, at a conference in Seoul, Korea, discussing missile defense, President Obama, thinking the microphone was not picking him up, leaned toward Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and said:

“This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

Medevedev responded in English that he understood and would transmit the information to incoming President Vladmir Putin. Perhaps Obama is only incredibly naïve, but such a whispered statement to the Russian President raises the question again. Whose side is he on?

Our nation and our people are hanging on the edge of a cliff. Re-electing Barack Obama as our President will shove us off the edge of that cliff to economic and social ruin and possibly into the nation-consuming tragedy of war.

Am I exaggerating? Will he rein in his economic and social radicalism after being re-elected? Does not common sense and ordinary insight suggest that he will consolidate his power and suppress any opposition? The dream of Obama’s father was Marxist socialism. The dream of our Fathers is freedom. November 6 may be our last chance to defend our liberties and regain the prosperity that economic freedom brings. We need to do everything we can to assure a victory for freedom on that day.

“At a time when liberty is under attack, decency under assault, the family under siege, and life itself is threatened, the good will arise in truth; they will arise in truth with the very essence and substance of their lives; they will arise in truth never shying from the Standard of Truth, never shrinking from the Author of Truth.”

—Henry Laurens, South Carolina patriot, and 5th President of the Continental Congress (1777-1778)

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