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Editorial: Consequences

The heated political environment these days seems to boil down to one simple word: consequences. Society seems to want to move towards a zero-consequence atmosphere. People want to be able to do whatever they wish, without any repercussions for their actions. Looking at the hot-button issues one by one points to this very fact.

Abortion. This is probably the most heated discussion in America, but can be pointed back directly to consequences. There is the obvious consequence of having a child as the result of promiscuous behavior. People want to be able to have sexual relations without there being any effect of those actions. However, due to nature, that behavior has a result that is not only well known, but also well understood. Yet people want to ignore that reality and behave as they wish. Why live with a consequence when you can abort it?

Furthermore, many supporters of abortion stand behind the banner of choice. They believe it is the woman’s right to choose. They are correct, in the fact that it was indeed the woman’s right to choose that behavior. They want to take it a step further though and allow her to choose to remove the consequences of that behavior. It is once again the attempted removal of responsibility.

In this same sphere, there is one last aspect. Many supporters of abortion say that they themselves would not have one. This gives them moral superiority and a clean conscious. However, they continue to support politicians that use their tax money to fund abortions. They pay for them to occur but wish to ignore the consequence of that action.

Welfare is the second hot-button issue. While it is universally accepted that America should have a safety-net for its citizens, it is also widely accepted that the system is abused. It is also true that every year since the implementation of the War on Poverty, more Americans rely on a system which means it is not helping anyone succeed. A system that encouraged the success of its participants would see an annual decrease, not increase.

What this system has done is remove consequences. If you want to make bad life decisions, someone will pick up the tab. Buy a house you can’t afford? There’s a bailout. Spend your money on alcohol instead of rent? We’ll write the check this month. Want to watch TV or go out fishing instead of working? We’ll cover the tab for your family. While this is all in the notion of compassion, it is societies continued goal to remove consequences. Do whatever you wish, and there will be no repercussions.

Lastly is Healthcare/Obamacare. Everyday, hard working Americans sacrifice a great portion of their income to pay for health insurance for their families. They look after them and cut back elsewhere in order to assure that their family’s health is taken care of. However, many Americans do not. They live a risky life but not accounting for healthcare, then when the day comes for those actions to catch up with them, the taxpayers are expected to foot the bill. Whether it be a minor procedure, a car accident, or a terminal illness, their lack of responsibility for future consequences of not carrying insurance is now laid upon the backs of a nation.

Every American has now seen the cost of their private insurance increase because of the universal coverage of Obamacare. People are now free to live without healthcare consequences due to sweeping legislation and tax-hikes.

It all points to a society that wants to live carefree. That is a lofty idea and not necessarily bad in a utopian ideology. What is missing however is reality. Every action, no matter how small, has consequences. They may be positive or negative, but they are consequences nonetheless. By believing there can be a society without consequences, you are simply ignoring that all of your actions, will eventually, carry a heavy price tag.

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