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Letter to the Editor: JB Howard will put taxpayers first

Dear Editor,

As a past candidate for Buncombe Co. commissioner, I had the privilege of getting to know most of the candidates during primary season. One person in particular stood out – JB Howard, candidate for Buncombe Co. commission chair. JB is honest as the day is long, holds firmly to his strong values, and will stand up to special interests. On any day, you’re likely to find him outside a Lowe’s or Home Depot, talking to regular folks going about their business. A long-time resident, retired Highway patrolman, and successful small business owner, JB understands the concerns of Buncombe Co. citizens and small businesses, and will look out for their interests. With JB at the helm of the commission, gone will be the days when environmental clubs force a commission vote without input from the other side, or when special deals are given to friends and donors. JB will hold the line on taxes, make Buncombe Co. government more efficient and business-friendly, and uphold your property rights. The commission chair is a very important position – it sets the tone and agenda for the commission. We need a good, honest person with proven integrity – we need JB Howard as commission chair.

Linda Southard

Candler, NC

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