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Letter to the Editor: Fate of 2016 is in 2012 voter’s hands

Dear Editor,

One question needs to be answered when voting in November, “Are we better off then you were 4 years ago?” In all honesty I believe the answer should be “NO”. Think about it, food, gas, unemployment, all dramatically up. The president stated if he couldn’t turn the country around that he would be a one term president. Well, adios Obama, you failed! Let’s put someone in there who will fix our country.

Hopefully the movie, 2016, will be an eye opener as to what will happen if change doesn’t come. Apparently there is an issue concerning Romney’s religion. Why? Is there an issue with having a Muslim as our President (his admission) per YouTube video?

Let’s unite for truth, freedom and continued liberty, a God given right. If we lose it we will never regain it.

Dolores Nuss

Hendersonville, NC

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