Mike Scruggs

Obama’s war on jobs

By Mike Scruggs –

President Barack Obama’s most frequent promise to American voters is that his administration is going to create millions of jobs and prosperity. Informed voters know better. In August, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) non-farm employment rose by 96,000, but that is slightly less than 25 percent of the monthly level necessary for sustained economic recovery. Civilian participation in the work force actually declined by 368,000. These are not hopeful economic indicators.

Barack Obama’s Keynesian socialist ideology, total lack of free market business experience, and Marxist misunderstanding of human nature are a recipe for destroying economic freedom, jobs, and prosperity—not creating them. His soaring but essentially empty rhetoric appeals to an MTV generation clueless on the simplest principles of basic economics and untrained in discerning logical error or deception. Obama economics may sound good to mesmerized airheads, but it is economic and social poison that destroys jobs, freedom, and prosperity. Obama economics has a powerful appeal to uninformed, unwary, and silly emotional voters, but it does not work in the real world. The very people who trust his emotional, meaningless, and logically flawed promises are most likely to suffer the harshest economic consequences of his terrible combination of incompetence and demagoguery.

If you think Barack Obama really cares about jobs for American workers, you must ask yourself why with 23 million American workers out of work or forced to part-time work, he refuses to enforce U.S. immigration laws. Yet 8.2 million illegal immigrants hold jobs that should rightly belong to Americans. Most of our illegal cheap labor force is guilty of identity theft, document fraud, and tax fraud as well as violating U.S. immigration laws. BLS statistics have proved the phrase, “They are only doing the jobs Americans won’t do,” to be a heartless lie designed to excuse displacing American workers with low-wage foreign labor.

Obama has been giving thousands of stealth amnesties since his inauguration in 2009, but he has recently become much bolder. In June, without Constitutional authority, he implemented “the Dream Act” twice defeated by Congress. Under this even more generous unlawful Presidential Executive Order, at least a million amnesties will be awarded to those under 36-years of age. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, this will cost U.S. taxpayers $585 million, but the real cost will be born by unemployed or under-employed American workers who now have to compete with them. Many estimate that the real number of amnesties will be two to three million. Amnesties have a way of multiplying through document fraud and negligent screening and administrative processes.

According to a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Department document leaked to the Associated Press in early August, the Obama administration was pressuring USCIS employees into rubber-stamping immigration benefits applications despite questions of fraud and ineligibility. None of this is good news for U.S. taxpayers or workers. Obama has no genuine sympathy for American workers. Instead, he is destroying job opportunities for them by facilitating the import of cheap foreign labor.

On the economic policy front, Obama continues to implement Keynesian stimulus gimmicks and corporate and institutional welfare grants that shift economic resources from productive to political uses. Keynesian economics has never been successful at anything but making government bigger, taxes higher, and private enterprise more frustrating and less profitable. It is investment, not government manipulated consumer spending, which creates real jobs and prosperity. Economic freedom and free markets create jobs by encouraging investment matched to real, and not artificial, consumer and community needs. The relentless growth of government spending, high taxes, and over-regulation strangle investment incentives and job creation.

Marxism, which has had considerable influence on Barack Obama’s worldview, is an egalitarian ideology that runs counter to human nature and therefore has never been successful anywhere in the world. It grinds nations to ruin and can only be maintained for a time by increasing coercion and brute force. That is why Communism has been the bloodiest government doctrine in world history. Being contrary to human nature, it will not work and cannot be made to work. Its desperate advocates have murdered millions of their own people trying to make it work. As with all godless philosophies, it brings moral and economic ruin, government sponsored murder, and slavery.

While the foolish advocates of Keynesian government spending and Marxist egalitarian ideology may believe they are creating jobs, they are, in fact, only promoting

monetary inflation and economic stagnation. They dig the hole of their devastation deeper with every new government program that gives government more control over the economy and the people. Obama is doing all the wrong things to create jobs. He is destroying jobs and any hope of prosperity. As long as he and his arrogant and now openly godless party are in power, the same wrong things will be done over and over at an ever-higher cost in prosperity and freedom. Fewer and fewer business leaders and entrepreneurs believe Obama’s socialist economic policies are a good environment for investing new capital or expanding employment. High unemployment and part-time work without benefits have become the new normal.

America needs a competent leader who knows business and the difference between sound and foolish economics; who respects our faith and traditions; who believes our armed forces need to be the best and most formidable in the world; who will defend our borders, our jobs, and our freedoms; and who is unashamed of our National Motto: “In God We Trust.” On November 6, we need to replace “cool” with competent, appearance with substance, emotional nonsense with reason; political pandering with leadership; and outrageous lies with courageous truth. President Obama has us hanging over the edge of national destruction. Mitt Romney is the only safe and wise choice for freedom, jobs, and prosperity.

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