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Governor Perdue Visits Pisgah Elementary

When Pisgah Elementary teacher Jan Caldwell went grocery shopping with her son in Raleigh, she never imagined running into anyone famous, especially not Governor Beverly Perdue! But that is exactly what happened.

Ms. Caldwell, a 36-year veteran teacher in her first year at Pisgah Elementary, took the opportunity to speak to Governor Perdue about what a terrific school Pisgah ES is, how wonderful their test scores and other achievements are, and why she chose to go back into the classroom there after serving as an instructional coach for Buncombe County Schools

The Governor was very impressed with both Caldwell and the school, and promised to stop in when she was in the neighborhood. And guess what….she did!

On Friday, August 24, students and staff at Pisgah Elementary heard an inspirational speech from the Governor, and students who read 50, 100 or even 150 books or chapters over the summer were recognized for their achievement.

Students also had a chance to ask the Governor questions, which ranged from why she got into public service, to what her plans are once she leaves office. Upon hearing this last question, the Governor swore the students and staff to secrecy, and admonished the press not to publish what she was going to say. She then confessed that she was considering writing a book, going into business, and/or teaching….oops! We can’t say any more about that!

The Governor was then presented with a “Pisgah Elementary” t-shirt. Following the assembly, the Governor visited Jan Caldwell’s classroom in one of the school’s modular units, and enjoyed spending time with Ms. Caldwell’s second grade students before heading back to Asheville. As Principal Jay Dale noted, “Pisgah Elementary has always been the best kept secret in the State, but I guess we won’t be a secret for long!”

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