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Editorial: James Carville’s immortal words are echoing through the 2012 election, “It’s the economy stupid.” No matter the social issue: gay marriage, abortion, etc., the tone is now set. With Mitt Romney selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate, fiscal issues will be front and center. This is a wise decision on Romney’s part in several ways. The most prominent of which is the fact that the economy and fiscal responsibility are the greatest weaknesses of President Obama’s record. In the last four years the debt has exploded and more people are unemployed. How better to attack this record than with an economic driven team: Romney-Ryan. Romney’s record, while scrutinized by the left, is that of sound economic principles. While at Bain Capital, Romney used free market principles to grow many struggling businesses into prosperity. Sure there were some businesses that failed, but that is the way the market works. As compared to Obama’s track record where almost all businesses have suffered during the last four years. Like President Reagan famously said in a debate versus President Carter, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

Congressman Ryan has spent his time in the House becoming a fiscal expert. No one knows the budget of the United States quite like Ryan. In a country where ballooning debt and out of control social programs are bankrupting the people, there needs to be a great deal of attention brought to the financial order of the house. For far too long government spending has been out of control and out of touch, this could be an opportunity to finally correct these wrongs. President Obama appointed North Carolinian Erskine Bowles to co-chair the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform to look into the financial issues of the nation. Bowles, a former Chief of Staff to President Clinton, had the following to say about Paul Ryan’s proposed budget roughly a year ago at a speech in Chapel Hill, “I’m telling you this guy is amazing…He is honest, he is straightforward, he is sincere. And the budget he came up forward with is just like Paul Ryan. It is a sensible, straightforward, serious budget and it cut the budget deficit just like we did, by $4 trillion.” In that same speech, Bowles went on to say that the President had proposed a budget that no one took seriously. This is a very telling, honest comparison of the President’s failed fiscal policies versus those of Congressman Ryan. When fiscal needs of a nation are as dire as that of the United States, having a second in command like Ryan could lead to restored prosperity in the American dream. A Rasmussen poll released earlier this week has the VP nominee at a 50% favorability rating among the people. It has increased several points since Romney’s announcement on Saturday. The more people are learning about the accomplishments and knowledge of Ryan, the more seem to view him favorably. It also stands tall that Romney picked a substance-based running mate. For weeks, pundits on the left and right speculated what VP nominee might draw in a specific demographic. Would a black VP bring in black votes, would a hispanic bring in hispanic votes, would a woman bring in women voters? This pandering is shameful and shouldn’t work, although it would undoubtedly contribute to an extent. Instead, Romney went with the issues. What is almost every American struggling with? Gainful employment and economic prosperity. Those who are unemployed are still in the tens of millions. Many who have found jobs are settling for subpar jobs and their families are struggling. The opportunities are simply not out there. Furthermore, while people at home tighten up their financial belts in order to survive, they see a federal government that is spending more tax dollars than ever before. During this presidential term, the federal deficit has grown more than under the previous forty-three presidents. The American people are tired of seeing a government act in a way they themselves can’t. A restoration to a strong economy and fiscally responsible government is what is going to resonate with all peoples during this 2012 election. Regardless of your race, creed or ethnicity, everyone is looking for brighter days. The Romney-Ryan ticket stands on the hope, and experience, of restoring those principles to a hurting nation. When someone asks why you are voting Romney-Ryan in 2012, the response is simple, “It’s the economy, stupid.”


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