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Only dictators ignore constitutions

Dear Editor, Our current president is a man to fear because his vision to change America coupled with his lust for power is frightening to me. He also envisions himself as special Sovereign who has all the correct political solutions if we just give him a chance. That scares me.        Historian Vegas Liuleviccius in his book “Utopia and Terror in the 20th Century.” reminds us that about 40 million people were killed in 20th century wars and another 170 million were slaughtered by their own governments -The 170 million died from government-sponsored persecutions, mass murders, and genocide performed by their own leaders seeking more power. These governments such as Fascism, Nazism, and Communism functioned as political religions, commanding faith and fanatical adherence, and promising economic salvation.   Through devious political maneuvers dictators soon replaced constitutions. That portion of humanity that resisted their ideology were terrorized to death by the millions.

The United States was the cornerstone that enabled the whole world to withstand the weight of these totalitarian governments. Our determination to fight was fed by our passion for freedom. And that freedom came to us from God through the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. This Constitution also teaches that to preserve our individual God-given liberties and freedoms the federal government must be limited in its power. But it must be strong in its legitimate Constitutional areas of authority. Most powers were given to the states and the people. Important also is the conviction that  mankind is evil and therefore political power should never be vested in one person. Thus, they created our three branches of government to check and balance each other. Return now to my opening thought. Barack Obama has expressed on several occasions his vision for America to become a country governed by an intrusive federal government with extensive control of the people. This translates into a tremendous loss of personal freedoms. To fulfill his vision President Obama has threatened to ignore Congress and is currently carrying out that threat on several issues such as going to war in Libya and authorizing one and one half billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood – all unconstitutional without the approval of Congress.These tactics are similar to the devious political maneuvers of the Nazis in the 1930’s who also ignored their Constitution.  But America cannot tolerate this kind of dictatorial arrogance. This is not the kind of America in which I grew up and for which my father and I fought, and my brother gave his life. Kenneth Selden Swannanoa, NC

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